Fast Paced Acceptance of Unified Messaging

What is Unified Messaging? It is the ability to combine multiple messaging types such as voice mail, e-mail, and fax in one location. Each of these communication types has separate and distinct delivery mediums. If you are a businessperson that travels, consider the problems that maybe encountered when trying to access all of your communications via each of these different avenues. This creates a definite challenge and extremely frustrating even for the most sophisticated business traveler.

Unified Messaging expedites your communications. Voice Mails and faxes can both be delivered directly to your email client and accessed through Microsoft Outlook which is the predominant software used for setting up Unified Messaging. One message center is the interface for all of your communications whether in the office or on the road.

People working in the finance, real estate, and travel industries, as well as many others, are adopting unified messaging to simplify their communications. With the growth of mobile phone and hand-held computer use, corporations and individuals are seeking easier, more efficient ways to receive messages.

Unified messaging makes managing all of their messages as easy as logging onto your PC or a using a telephone. Employees are able to spend less time managing messages and more time doing their jobs. Executives and sales people, also benefit from unified messaging, because they can manage the high volume of messages that they receive efficiently and very effectively through one channel. In the past, this often required cumbersome remote access solutions or calling the main office to get these messages.

Voice Mail messages are received in your email in the form of a WAV file format, which can now be forwarded, copied and distributed just like text emails. Faxes are saved as an electronic copy that can be printed, saved or distributed as necessary. Most importantly, faxes maintain their confidentiality because they are not sitting in a public fax for anyone to see.

For the traveling businessperson the ability to check one location versus three or more saves time and is more efficient. Filing Voice Mail and Faxes for latter retrieval becomes much more flexible and organized. With the additional volume of messages increased size of WAV files, storage capacity to accommodate the added files is very important.