Insight Technology Solutions VS. a Direct Carrier Representative

The following are the top reasons why we see more companies shifting to Insight Technology Solutions, Inc, based on an Independent Telecom Agent business model:


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Insight offers a wealth of knowledge and experience with multiple carriers. An agent will typically have experience dealing with multiple carriers in your market; saving you time researching options with each carrier individually.


Direct sales teams experience a high level of turnover and job reassignments. Insight will continue to have the same contact phone number and email address.

Single Point of Contact for Multiple Carriers

Having a single point of contact across multiple regions is much more efficient then several different direct reps from multiple carriers. An agent will provide the best options available in each of your markets. Working with Direct Representatives in multiple markets with multiple carriers makes coordi- nation difficult and cumbersome. Having a single point of contact makes coordination of services much easier and is a huge time saver!

Cloud computing connecting ethernet cable.Insight is Vested in your Success Long Term

This is an incredibly important concept to understand when choosing to work with Insight! When you work with a direct sales representative there is absolutely no motivation, despite the direct representative’s best intentions to help with billing problems or service issues. Our motivation is to keep clients long term, so they have EVERY motivation to assist you in solving any service or billing issue that you may have. Insight isn’t just another business associate; they are part of your team.

Telecom Expense Management Techniques

Insight implements Expense Management programs and tracking methods for all circuits and services associated with your account. Tracking contract termination dates and renewal periods will avoid services from auto renewing for additional terms or defaulting to higher more expensive month to month rates. You have the added benefit of Insight saving executed agreements as a backup to your own filing systems.

Independent Agent Business Model

The Telecom Industry as a whole is moving increasingly towards the Independent Agent Channel. There are several reasons for this, Independent Telecom Agents are typically more knowledgeable, better trained, set proper expectations with the clients, their clients tend to remain clients longer and it is more cost effective for the carriers to deal through Agents. Clients that have recognized this and begun the process of establishing an Agent relationship will be ahead of the curve later when direct representative positions are reduced even further or eliminated altogether when clients maybe forced to use Inde- pendent Agents.

Same PricingBusinessman with cloud computing concept

The exact same standard pricing is used in the Agent Channel as the direct channel. You can be sure you are not charged extra. For large projects, special pricing is available to both Agent and direct representatives at the same levels. It’s an incredible model and insures clients are treated equally regardless of the marketing channel.

More Knowledgeable

Independent Telecom Agents will typically be better versed in multiple carriers’ offerings and have attended their trainings. No carrier is the master of all technologies and master of all business niches. Business is fiercely competitive, and implementation of some of the new technologies correctly can literally save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. That may be the exact edge your company needs to gain the competitive advantage in your market- place for security, marketing, recruiting, or even retention. Likewise, implementing a bleeding edge technology that is not ready for prime time may cost you the same. Using an experienced Independent Telecom Agent who is looking out for your best interests may make all the difference.

“Insight’s team has worked with us for several years they understand our technology requirements and work with us to match the appropriate carrier services to meet our needs. Their team is organized responsive and provide clear concise updates.”
David Vigil, IT | NC Auto Parts, LLC
“Insight Technology Solutions performed an audit review of all our carrier services and found several opportunities for us to save and negotiated a couple of major refunds for us due to over billing. Since that time, they handle all service negotiations for us and do a thorough and professional job of managing all our carrier services.”
Terry Trease, Controller, South Tahoe Refuse
“Our goal is to become your reliable resource our commitment is to partner with you to serve as an extension of your team.”
Kris Richards, CEO | Insight
“As a customer of Insight Technology Solutions for almost ten years now, I can say that I have been extremely happy with the results that I have received. Kris and his team work very diligently to do the research of my ever-changing requirements so that I don’t have to, and their work helps me make choices that are right for my company’s needs. Insight provides the recommendations that will save my organization money without compromising quality of service to our guests, and the Insight team is there day or night to answer my questions and help me make contact with my vendors in case of an emergency. I would highly recommend Insight Technology Solutions to any organization looking for a telecom consulting firm.”
“Insight understands our technology requirements and works with us to match carrier services to our needs. Their team is always on top of our projects keeping the carriers on track and us informed.”
Matt Carter, Director of IT, East West Partners Tahoe